Research & Advocacy

Evidence based decisions

Research and advocacy are key aspects in implementing projects for both development and business objectives.  Present research is more focused on measuring results and impacts and accumulating the same for knowledge management, outreach and advocacy.  We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies. Deccan Consulting' specializes in integrating the social and technical aspects of such components in the mainstream design of programmes and business plans. 

Our Service Offers

Deccan Consulting' specializes in the agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and natural resources sector, as an expert in following key areas of research and advocacy:

  • Baseline studies, developing KPIs, assessments and bench marking standards

  • Participatory assessments for programme design, monitoring and evaluation

  • Project design for optimum delivery and knowledge generation

  • Project management tools and systems for monitoring, evaluation and learning from implementation experiences

  • Business planning based on supply chain assessments for various agricultural commodities, forestry and other priority secots