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Deccan Consulting' provides services in planning, identifying and developing the systems and capacities, expansion and integration in achieving the project objectives within limited time frame and resources. Get in touch with us to get more information!

Project Management

Expert Guidance

Project Management

Actors in the development sector including the Government, private and voluntary sector organizations are implementing projects both for welfare and empowerment of communities through various approaches.  Such approaches are becoming complex and multi factorial, due to the highly dynamic external factors which influence them greatly.  Organizations capabilities today are limited to handle such situations which greatly affect project delivery, results and intended impacts.  This is more complicated when development funding is reducing and donor expectations are increasing by the day.

Tailored services for your needs:

In this context, Deccan Consulting' offers following services to projects and organizations (Government, corporate, voluntary and support & donor agencies) implementing development projects (particularly in the agriculture and natural resources management sectors)

  • Assessments, baseline studies and benchmarking for designing programmes

  • Design customized, impact focused projects for specific regions, clients

  • Design need based trainings, build capacities of teams for project management and delivery on specific aspects of the programme

  • Design and develop tools and systems for data collection, monitoring and reporting deliverables and impacts

  • Develop outreach and publicity materials for larger sharing through various media forms

  • Outsource trained human resources for short term projects (like assessments, surveys, studies etc) on need basis

Promotion, capacity building of office bearers, handholding, mobilizing business funding for farmer producer organizations (FPOs)

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