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Pesticide Residue Management

About Pesticide Residue Management (PRM)

Ensure that your fresh or processed fruits, vegetables, grains are free of pesticide residue. Test reports and certifications are proof that your products contain no pesticide residues within the limits of laboratory detection. In lieu with this, various certification bodies are offering Pesticide Residue Free Certification. This triumph far exceeds regulatory requirements of importing countries, satisfies buyers and retailers, and provides the reassurance to many consumers who are seeking pesticide residue free products for themselves and their families.

Pesticide Residue Management allows you to

Pesticide Residue Management has a variety of well-recognised benefits includes:

  • Pesticide Management plans exclude banned pesticides listed in Stockholm/Rotterdam Conventions

  • Enables to differentiate your products from your competitors as ‘Pesticide residue free’

  • Can attain third-party certifications offered for ‘Pesticide Residue Free’ products

  • Assurance to consumers that products meet the stringent standards

  • Build strategic advantage by meeting all export specs

  • Guarantee that you meet food processor/retailer purity requirements

  • Qualify for preferred purchasing by retailers

  • Market pesticide residue free status during transition to organic

Our Service offers for Pesticide Residue Management :

With a team of highly experienced consultants and trainers, considering the crops being produced, Deccan Consulting' will help you in developing a comprehensive pesticide management plan. This pesticide management plan will assist you in complying with the maximum residue limits (MRL) of each country of import. We help you in determining the correct pre-harvest intervals necessary to meet the MRLs of import countries and ensure that you comply with GLOBAL G.A.P. pesticide risk assessment requirements.

Deccan Consulting' offers services in enhancing the systems and capabilities for optimising performance and productivity, comply with the requirements for polices, standards, assessments and certifications. Get in touch with us to get more information about our consultancy services.

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