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ISO 26000:2010

Guidance on Social Responsibility

About ISO 26000:2010 (SR)

ISO 26000:2010 provides guidance rather than requirements, and cannot be certified unlike some other ISO standards. ISO 26000 standard aids to explain what social responsibility is. It helps businesses and organizations to effectively assess and address those social responsibilities into effective actions that are relevant and significant. 

ISO 26000:2010 (SR) is for

ISO26000 is aimed at all types of organizations worldwide regardless of their activity, size or location.

ISO 26000:2010 standard benefits

Consistent with the organization's Social responsibility policy, benefits include:

  • Develops broad awareness and provides practical guidance to making social responsibility operational

  • Assist organizations in identifying and addressing the needs of social responsibilities

  • Emphasize performance results and improvement

  • Assist with identifying and engaging with stakeholders

  • Enhancing credibility of reports and claims made about social responsibility

  • Increase confidence and satisfaction in organizations among their customers and other stakeholders

  • Achieve consistency with common terminology in the social responsibility and with existing ISO standards

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