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Responsible Supply


About IFFO Certification

IFFO Responsible Supply is a Global Standard and certification program for responsible production Marine Ingredients (viz. fish meal and fish oil).  IFFO Certification enable Marine Ingredient producers to demonstrate to all stakeholders their commitment to responsible practices in the areas of raw material procurement and food/feed safety.

IFFO Certification Standards

  • IFFO RS Global Responsible Supply Standard (IFFO RS)

  • IFFO RS Responsible Supply Chain of Custody (IFFO RS CoC)

  • IFFO RS Improvement Programme RS (IFFO RS IP).

Key areas

The IFFO Responsible Supply Standard focuses on:

  • Responsible sourcing

  • Responsible production

  • Compliance with international standards

Ensure no IUU and no IUCN Red List or diseased farmed fish Ensure full traceability of pure and safe products produced under QMS.

IFFO RS is a factory certification standard which ensures responsible manufacturing and raw material sourcing. For whole fish to be assessed as responsible within the RS standard, they must either come from an MSC certified fishery or from a fishery that has been assessed and approved by independent third party auditors as meeting the IFFO RS standard. The standard is based on the key requirements of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.

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