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Data Analytics

Smart decisions

Deccan Consulting' offers services in assisting you for developing, implementing and maintaining the systems and smart tolls aimed in collection, analysis and visualisation of farm data with integration of compliance requirements. Get in touch with us to get more information about our services.

Decisions are becoming more and more data driven, with focus on measuring results and on knowledge management.  A well-designed project should integrate a robust, dynamic and practical data collection, management and analytics systems for both day to day monitoring and for long term assessments and knowledge accumulation.  But the challenges remain in field-based data collection, quality management, integrity and legal aspects of data management.

Deccan Consulting' is an expert organization which can support all your data needs starting from establishing a field-based data collection at any scale, with inbuilt quality check and control aspects so that you don’t loose important information at the source.  Deccan Consulting' also can design, build and manage customized mobile data collection tools and applications, which can strengthen the monitoring and review of projects for continuous improvement.  We also operates an outsourced wing for need based data collection from field projects and validation of particular aspects of data, on a short term / project basis.

Our Service Offers

Deccan Consulting' specializes in the agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and natural resources sector as an expert, Deccan Consulting' assists in following key areas :

  • For undertaking field surveys, studies, data collection, management and analysis aims improving the process of better decision making

  • Record and understand farm data of any crop, any season, enabling for individual, group or large number of farmers

  • Integrate compliance to third party standards viz. organic, Global GAP, ASC, BAP across the allied farming sectors.

  • Assist organisations / individuals in assessing risks, treating vulnerabilities, and identifying opportunities for the produce to be harvested.

  • Integrate the applications to the retailers and brands for real time update of stocks.

  • Record the traceability actors across the supply chain

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