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Aquaculture Stewardship Council

About ASC

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification programme promotes responsible farming practices. ASC certification standards are for responsible aquaculture and are set strict requirements to address key environmental impacts of farming, set requirements for workers’ rights and protect communities surrounding certified farms.

ASC certification is for

The current eight ASC farm standards cover 12 species:

  • Abalone

  • Bivalves (clams, mussels, oyster, scallop),

  • Freshwater Trout

  • Pangasius

  • Salmon

  • Shrimp

  • Tilapia

  • Seriola

  • Cobia

ASC Certification assures buyers, retailers and consumers that aquaculture production conforms to the world's leading standard for responsibly farmed fish and seafood.

ASC Feed Standards

The ASC Feed Standard will define requirements for both responsible factory practices, and requirements that define parameters for responsible ingredients for the three main ingredient groups used in aquafeed: marine ingredients, terrestrial plant ingredients and terrestrial animal ingredients. ASC feed standard is under process of development.

ASC Chain of Custody

ASC Chain of Custody certification ensures that companies selling ASC certified seafood have identification, segregation and traceability processes and procedures in place. ASC adopted the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard to verify the origin of seafood sold as ASC certified.

Benefits of ASC Certification

ASC is the globally leading Certification for demonstrating sustainable seafood production and its benefits include are as follows:

  • Assure customers that seafood has been produced, processed, prepared and handled in compliance with ASC standard requirements

  • Demonstrates responsible and sustainable aquaculture practices

  • Confirms Environment and Social Impact assessments are conducted for the farm operations.

  • Validates good communications with stakeholders

  • Access to new markets and clients

  • Enhanced brand reputation

  • Price premiums from buyers

Our Service offers for ASC Certification:

With a team of highly experienced consultants and trainers, Deccan Consulting’ assists in:

  • Implementing and achieving ASC certification based on your requirements.

  • Educating you on what you need for meeting the requirements

  • Developing management plans and systems (upgrading the existing documentation), thereby enabling you to solve any potential issues

  • Conducting Biodiversity Environment Impact Assessment (B-EIA) and Participatory Social Impact Assessment (P-SIA)

  • Avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary delays

  • Sail through your audit with confidence and ease

  • Will only recommend for audit when you feel ready and will remain on-call throughout your audit

  • Getting done through audit process, award of certification, interim assistance for maintaining the compliance and certification for annual checks

Deccan Consulting' offers services in enhancing the systems and capabilities for optimising performance and productivity, comply with the requirements for polices, standards, assessments and certifications. Get in touch with us to get more information about our consultancy services.

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